Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the way we live

As AI technology develops, growth of the wearable apparatus market is expected. The new wearable devices equipped with intelligence features add convenience to our daily lives. The key to success in the development of new IMG_2901AI technologies lies in how to improve productivity of research and development. In this regard, we should pay attention to a company specialized in AI development: Infomining (CEO: Lee Jaeyong) in Korea. Through research and development, the company’s actions have already been carried out on important national projects in Korea’s health and welfare sector. It currently establishes and manages solution programs using artificial intelligence in all parts of Korea’s international airports. In addition, the company developed a health part and a telemedicine program for large hospitals and provided it to Samsung Medical Center, which is one of the best in Korea, for commercialization. When the patient writes the wearables for telemedicine on the wrist, the professional doctor can monitor various current conditions such as blood pressure and electrocardiogram blood sugar of each person, and can deliver patient, medical treatment, and doctor findings through burns. When I visited the office, I felt that 19 professional engineers and soft developers were busy developing and testing programs. It is just amazing that these professional R&D workers devote all their energy to K-disaster and healthcare, and through this, they have received joint development and commercial requests from large Japanese companies and professional companies. Even Softbank’s 2021 healthcare project is under discussion at the stage of providing samples. Korea is known to be a powerful IT country but it is probably an excellent achievement of their passion and research and development that these professionals can gain the upper hand with the world’s leading competitors based on this. I am looking forward to how much Infomining will grow and affect our living environment and health prevention through the above-mentioned solutions.

Sam Kim

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)


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