Innovative technology in tailored and personalized nutrition

Technology helps food manufacturers to produce more efficiently for a growing world population. Innovations, such as biotechnology, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data, are changing the global food market. In line with the increasing industrial shift from mass production to personalization, technologies are providing new levels of understanding the notion of healthcare. Personalized nutrition addresses the increasing consumer demand for personalized experience and leverages nutrition to boost a healthy and engaging lifestyle.


The food industry has long sold products tailored to the preferences of specific consumer groups, such as power drinks for athletes or low-calorie snack bars for people in losing weights. The current market for personalized nutrition is relatively small. Boston Consulting Group estimated that global sales were less than $2.5 billion in 2019, but also anticipated that the figure will increase exponentially as the consumer interest in health and wellness and the broader trend toward personalization continues to grow. Personalized nutrition market is getting bigger with further steps, as food companies manufacture or sell dietary compounds and related substances that are customized to the circumstances or needs of much smaller groups, and even to specific individuals.


Gaon N Co., Ltd, a pioneer of plant proteins, has been developing nutrition matching solutions based on AI nutritional analysis, which provides specialized snacks for adults, pregnant women, infants, and elderly people. The company, especially, also has a high technology to manufacture plant proteins of the highest quality. According to the CEO Kang Bong-soo, the company obtained several patent technologies to produce high-protein snacks. He said, “We have succeeded in producing high-protein puffs using plant protein that can be easily enjoyed by people in different stages of life cycle.

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In order to win in this emerging industry, food ingredient suppliers would need the scientific know-how, financial means, and existing partner ecosystems. Led by CEO Kang, the company has built strategic partnerships with medical and healthcare organizations, which enables sophisticated research based on hard-evidences for further development. The company released the 쁋aBalance brand to reflect its renewed mission of playing a key role in the development of a new plant-based gastronomy. Compounds in plant protein snacks of 쁋aBalance are customized to each stage of different life cycles. By using personal health records, the application developed by Gaon N can also offer personal consulting on better nutritional management. It advises you which nutritions you need more and which products you have to ingest.


Food Tech companies explore how technology can be leveraged to create efficiency and sustainability in designing, producing, choosing, delivering and enjoying food. Gaon N aims to provide solutions for the needs of ever more demanding consumers with healthier and more sustainable food habits and to develop more patent technologies to produce healthier ingredients. It is expected 쁆aon N to appear before the footlights in the global stage.


Kayla Hong

Asia Journal

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