Baseball is Heaven’s gift to mortals

이벤트경기 사진_5I want to talk about Korean baseball. Korean baseball is a super popular sport that boasts an annual audience of about 1 million, with 10 professional baseball teams, as well as a league game with a complete system of elementary, middle and high school sports. It has also played the world’s largest number of league games under proper control in the Corona crisis. So it is a representative sports game of Korea that it can be proud of.

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The U.S. Major League Baseball has also finished the Champions League with zero-tolerance matches after numerous hardships, and South Korea is playing the game by allowing some of the final champions to enter the crowd as a post game.

In the case of professional baseball games, TV, online or through the LAN shows that the enthusiasm of the female audience has increased tremendously. Of course, it is well known that women are increasingly participating in all sports. Women’s baseball population is already over thousands of teams in the United States with considerable skills beyond popular sports. Of course, softball and regular baseball could be the same. Japan is also an advanced country in baseball, and the women’s team is forming a solid team.

Soo-mi Lee, secretary general of the Women's Baseball Association Korea

Soo-mi Lee, secretary general of the Women’s Baseball Association Korea

Knowing these conditions, the Korea Women’s Baseball Federation wrapped up the year and organized training and games as planned. So, through the Women’s Baseball Festival, players, management, and coaches who worked hard gathered to hold the festival. Despite their lack of policy and help, it is believed that baseball players around the world need attention and encouragement. Now, I hope that with proper support in Korea, women’s baseball will become a sport that can be proud of through international competitions and expansion of base.It is already known that Korea has a system and ability in men’s baseball, but women’s baseball seems to be in a difficult environment to support, policy, and team. Although we are helping with training and games with professional baseball players such as the leader head coach, but, above all, we need policy and support so that we can play baseball in advanced countries and expand our base.



Sam Kim

Asia Journal

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