[Column] Every product works differently for every person.

Relationship doesn’t always stay the same. Actually, most things that are invisible to the eye do not. Out of all the things we buy, we purchase a lot of them with the expectation of immediate visible results. When we can’t see the results of the cosmetics, we reach to cosmetic medical procedures or look out for pharmaceuticals for a faster effect of health functional food. How can every product have the same effect for every person when everything works in such complex ways?

But the product that is about to be introduced is beyond this common idea. (네임택과 함께 배치해주세요)

Although it would be nice to see immediate ideal results, this product will guarantee that the body will definitely feel the change over time.

The reason we gain weight is quite clear. It is because we eat more than the amount of food our body can digest. Although the cause is simple, we all see different effects due to wrong approach for a solution. This is because of our unique body composition. Every person experiences different effects of a product in different period of time to see the ultimate result because we are using the same product even though our bodies’ starting points are distinct.

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Beauty of blowing calories away of ‘GRACE & HONEST’

Looking at the product after learning about this basic logic, the perspective of the product will change.

This product is focused on the process of how body fat is made, not on body fats that have already been formed. It has a structure that will create the body’s resistance to cravings by gradually increasing the size of energy that the body can take in.

‘Like That On’, which is taken after a meal, has a dual system by consisting of a main ingredient that targets already formed body fats and is created with the understanding that dissolving already consumed food is the priority task of a diet. The probiotics based ‘Like This On’, which is taken at night, is for 24/7 system, focused on taking care of intestines in order to change the intestines’ condition from forming body fats easily.

The immune system starts from intestines. If obesity, the beginning of all illnesses, can be controlled by taking care of intestines with this special probiotics, the body’s resistance on the consumed food will only get stronger.

After recognizing that the effectiveness of the products is going to be different for every person, there will be no reason to refuse them.

Now is the time to take care of the body 24 hours with ‘Beauty of Blowing Calories Away’, featuring ‘Like This On’ and ‘Like That On’.



Beauty and Health Coordinator