[CES 2021] Post-Corona, New Normal-focused this time.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is preparing for the first ever virtual exhibition due to the global pandemic of COVID-19.

CES 2021, the world셲 largest IT and home appliance exhibition, was held as the first online exhibition. Global companies are showing their respective themes by presenting new technologies and visions. Samsung and LG, Korean global home appliance makers, have shown how artificial intelligence can change life into innovative products that incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) under the theme of home, people, and daily life. In this year셲 CES, one of the core AI has expressed well that it is applied to our daily lives. In the case of Samsung this year, the production base of system semiconductors has been in the works for about 10 years, and it is likely to build such a production base and use it as a key core that will be applied in the future. In the case of LG, the two artificial intelligence technologies were the first to show groundbreaking TV throughout their lives.

Samsung introduced its theme for CES 2021 of ‘Better Normal for All’ – showcasing newest technologies and innovations that caters to the consumers’ new lifestyles.

LG released the official teaser for the LG Rollable, a smartphone that can extend its screen to the size of a small tablet.

Unfortunately, Huawei and others in China did not participate this time. Perhaps the U.S. sanctions might be the cause. As the Corona crisis is increasingly changing and adapting our lives and environment with new mutant viruses, it is the overall feeling that every consumer electronics company in the world is approaching products, systems and solutions that fit it. Intel, Nvidia, and AMD are also expected to introduce 11th generation Tiger Lake, high-performance laptop CPU, and Intel 500 series chipset mainboards.

NYX showcases ‘gosleep’, its innovative sleep aid device that comfortable manages the sleep cycle.


R.O.C.K, an innovative CES 2021 exhibitor from Korea, featured the ROCK Ring – a finger mouse that moves through a three-dimensional space with tactile sensor technology.

Sam Kim

Asia Journal

(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)