Nebula, the Realtime Antimicrobial System of Sung Jin Techwin Co Ltd

지하철In Korea, more than 40 million people got their first dosage of the vaccine as of Oct 11st. Recently Samsung Electronics announced that they alleviated the rules of social distancing in their company. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Samsung was the first company to alleviate the rules of social distancing within their company campus. As Samsung Electronics, a leading company in Korea, has accepted the new normal, “living with COVID-19 plan”, it seems that other companies, such as Hyundai Motor, SK, LG, and so on, will follow Samsung soon.

 Despite alleviation of the rules of social distancing, the interest of disinfection for public establishment is rising. Naturally, there are lots of installation inquiries for Nebula, the antimicrobial system of Sung Jin Techwin Co., Ltd.

Nebula offers safety, convenience, and durability. So, it is taking center stage for medical institutions, cultural facilities, public transportations, and any other places that people visit. Nebula is special because it is designed for a place with a large floating population. It can check a passenger’s temperature by just walking through it. The Nebula’s high-speed scanning system is constantly active. As there is no need to queue in a line, multiple users may pass through the gate while avoiding congestion.

Nebula started its test operation in September 2020 with DMETC (Daejeon Metropolitan Express Transit Corporation). Since it was well-received, the Daejeon city government with about 1.5 million populations selected Nebula for a support project of the public testbed. Nebula has played a key role for Covid-19 disinfection by being installed in Daejeon station, City-hall station, and U-sung Hot Spring station, where DMETC is running.

Nebula is being actively wanted by festival committees. Sung Jin Techwin Co Ltd (CEO: Kyea-Kwang, Lee) installed Nebula at Hamyang Wild Ginseng Expo and it has received a good evaluation for giving a sense of safety to visitors and working as a health keeper by raising the standard of disinfection. Also, the company had successfully installed Nebula on the Baekje Cultural Festival which was held from September 25th to October 3rd at Gong-Ju city. The technological gadget played a role as a health keeper again.

Anti-microbial mist ‘KID-Clean’ that Nebula contains is confirmed safe. It is a sterilizing cosmetic mist which is  made of natural ingredients without any chemical composition. It has acquired FDA approval. As it is dispersed directly on the human body walking through the gate of Nebula, it has proved its safety by passing the oral toxicity test, skin reaction test and humidifier hazardous substance test. KID-Clean has not only the function of antibacterial, but also the function of virucidal activity against coronavirus, which is confirmed by the Seoul National University in Korea. It is now sold as a sanitizer in America. It will be a big help in containing the spread of the virus and be widely used in public areas because it can be used for the body directly and safely.

Because it is still necessary to disinfect public places even if we accept the new normal “live with COVID-19”, Kyea-Kwang Lee, the CEO of Sung Jin Techwin Co., LTD, is expecting Nebula to be a global health keeper.

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