Jeonbuk Technopark Is Ready for Digital Innovation

전북테크노파크 전북디지털융합센터 사진 (1) (1)Korea has TechnoPark System that fosters SMEs and regional technology development. Jeonbuk TechnoPark is the base Institution of Industrial Science and Technology Innovation in the North Jeolla Province. It was launched as a foundation in 2003 to promote local companies and industries in the Northern area of Jeolla province with tactical support. Their vision is to become a “Smart_Partner” to support the companies’ sustainable growth. Also, they connect regional industries and academia to accelerate the growth of small- and medium-sized enterprises (hereafter, SMEs).

The world is constantly changing and going through digital transformation. In order to keep up with the latest trends and tech, Jeonbuk TechnoPark is giving their ceaseless effort. The Korean government introduced the “Digital New Deal Project,” a government program that will promote digital transformation in Korea. To help SMEs transition and cope with the new transformation the project is pushing, Jeonbuk TechnoPark established Jeonbuk Digital Convergence Center. It was established as an affiliated institution of Jeonbuk TechnoPark in January 2021. The center works as a control tower for the Digital New Deal Project at Jeonbuk. They designate the institution to promote among regional industries according to the revision of the Industrial Promotion Act. Its goal is to set up the base of Digital New Deal Innovation and to strengthen the capabilities to deal with the innovation.

Sang-ho Choi was appointed to be the first head of the Jeonbuk Digital Convergence Center. His skills, assets, and achievements he has made over his career has given him great recognition. He worked in key positions for various ICT (Information and Communications Technology)companies including ETRI, TTA, KCA, RAPA, and Daejeon TechnoPark. His goal is to update public services and regional industry by 2025. Also, he will improve the quality of SW(Software) and the ICT industry of Jeonbuk.

The Jeonbuk Digital Convergence Center is ready for digital innovation. They led the Jeonbuk ICT Development Council and the Digital Convergence Technology Committee to activate the SW convergence system at Jeonbuk. They have been supporting the R&D for SW and ICT industries since the “Support Project for Data Application.” They are making a foundation for the XR (extended reality) industry, and trying to develop the “Convergence Personnel”. They introduced the following projects through central public offering projects: “Building Project for XR Development Support Center”, “Strengthening Project for the A.I Convergence Type of Industrial Personnel” and “Data Construction Project for A.I Learning”.

“Data Construction Project for A.I Learning” is the project that develops the mass data for learning A.I. There will be 1300 kinds of data until 2025. The project is using regional call centers’ voice counseling records to build the data.

Jeonbuk TechnoPark is going to collect the data of counseling records for welfare and verify the quality with companies specialized in artificial intelligence technology such as Time Soft, KL Cube, Konan Technology, and Ace Solution for this project. Their goal is to make an automated AI voice that will answer and respond appropriately.

Jeonbuk Digital Convergence Center has shown brilliant results since its establishment. They will lead the innovations by discovering new ICT industries, building knowledge platforms with AI and Big Data.

Matthew Kwak

Asia Journal