Business Operations in Japan

Among the many Korean SMEs that are being incubated by the Los Angeles Times Asia Journal, a few of them have been operating in Japan.GB Soft, a Korean company that developed an AI and IOT based solution for measuring biosignals, has finalized their NDA (nondisclosure agreement) with Data Scope for a joint development. Asia Journal introduced GB Soft to Elematec, a Japanese trading company under the TOYOTA group. From there, Elematec connected GB Soft to Data Scope, a Japanese facial recognition software development company.

In addition, Elematec’s sales activities at OMRON’s Future Creation Research Institute, a Japanese medical device manufacturing and sales company, concluded an NDA with Infomining. Infomining is a healthcare service company that provides healthcare solutions using AI and IOT. They were introduced to Elematec by Asia Journal. Together with OMRON, they have intentions of collaborating to develop new medical device products aimed at the Chinese market.

LA Times Asia Journal is assisting two Korean companies in the beauty industry, Emma Healthcare and Skinwatchers, with their business operation in Japan. These two companies were picked up by Clean First, a Japanese company that primarily dealt with the solar energy industry. Clean First will work with their domestic partner in Japan, Toda Corp. to enter the beauty industry market. Emma Healthcare and Skinwatchers products are expected to be sold in Don Quijote, Japan셲 largest discount store, and make its appearance on Maukake, an online crowd-funding platform.

Emma Healthcare셲 beauty device, Plalucy, utilizes plasma and galvanic technology. It uses the principle that numerous ions in plasma penetrate the skin and promote skin regeneration. The radical in plasma is the only natural substance on Earth that is completely harmless to the human body, with sterilization power equal to 2,000 times that of ozone and 180 times that of ultraviolet rays. This will result in better absorption of cosmetic products. The plasma셲 ion and radical can reliably and safely eliminate inflammation and bacteria in the skin as well.

Skin Watchers’ Cleansing Oil was selected by ELLE, a French fashion and lifestyle magazine, into the 쏷op 27 Cleansing Oil by Beauty Editor and Consumer evaluation worldwide. It is a product that is on par with luxury goods such as Shu Uemura, Clinique, Origins, Shiseido, Clarins, Fresh, Biotherm, and Christian Dior. Skin Watchers prioritize the use of premium, lightweight-natural ingredients such as apricot seed oil, macadamia seed oil, and meadow foam seed oil, which are good for skin health. In addition, Skin Watchers’ unique technology completes the product with high cleaning power, which is well received.

Despite adversities COVID-19 gave to businesses all around the world, there is a steady entry of Korean SMEs into the Japanese market. Japanese companies are recognizing the true future value of Korean small and medium-sized companies.

Mike Choi

Asia Journal