[Beauty Column] Changing the Paradigm of the Diet

“Beauty of Blowing Calories Away” is a product founded on the tragicomic truism that only death awaits those who do not eat. Its developers at On S’aime On T’aime were looking for genuine ways to care for health when they realized that a lot of health problems arise from eating habits. Since obesity is the most common cause of diseases, they decided to make this premium weight loss supplement.

The product takes a multi-angled approach to dieting via its two components: the “Like This On” pill and the “Like That On” pill. “Like That On” is meant to be taken after meals. It helps the body break down and digest fats from food.  “Like This On”, on the other hand, is meant to be taken before bedtime. It contains detoxifying lactobacilli that help reset and improve the body’s intestinal health. Like so, “Beauty of Blowing Calories Away” tackles dieting systemically.

Other weight loss supplements on the market tend to focus on suppressing fat absorption or forcing body fat elimination. While this may look effective in the short term, there is a great diversity of opinion on the side effects of long-term consumption of such supplements. Attempting to lose weight quickly through them can ruin one’s hormonal balance. Moreover, they are ineffective against weight-loss plateaus.

Our bodies are very sensitive. A diet that ignores the process of digestion can be ineffective and even detrimental to our health. We must always consider the sustainability of a diet because a diet is not a temporary event, but rather a lifelong quest. We do not need to obsess over changes in our body shape, because the essence of a diet is to create and maintain a healthy body. This is the philosophy underlying On S’aime On T’aime’s products. They believe that just as the slow and steady tortoise won the race in the fable, so will the slow and steady dieters win the race of weight loss.

On S’aime On T’aime understands that weight gain is often a result of slower metabolism caused by poor eating habits. This is why the brand is so uniquely focused on tackling the cause of obesity and creating healthy, sustainable eating habits.

In January 2022, they introduced “Beauty of Blowing Calories Away” on a live television show (along with another product that complements it, “The Year of the Flower”). Even during this brief appearance, many consumers responded to On S’aime On T’aime sincerity and dedication to healthy dieting.

“Beauty of Blowing Calories Away” is set to undergo a renewal in March 2022. In a world where so many people seek to lead a healthier life, it is exciting what this product has to offer and how much it will continue to grow.


Eun Sok Choi
Grace & Honest