Emma Healthcare Is at the Corner of Springboard for Business Expansion

Emma Healthcare (CEO Daniel Sohn), a company specializing in digital healthcare, announced that “BebeLucy,” an artificial intelligence smart baby bed, won the Innovation Award at CES 2022, the world’s largest electronic exhibition.
“BebeLucy” is an artificial intelligence-based smart baby crib that allows guardians to monitor biological signals such as the baby’s body temperature, heartbeat, and respiratory rate through a delicate technology. Image-based artificial intelligence technology enables monitoring not only the baby’s bio-signal non-invasively, but also environmental information such as ambient temperature, humidity, and air quality, and communicates with indoor appliances (such as air purifiers or air conditioners) to maintain and control the optimal environment.

It is equipped with a sleep-inducing motion function that can help babies sleep, and a function that promotes brain development of infants and toddlers after childbirth by recording a mother’s heart rate during pregnancy and using it as white noise.
In December 2021, Emma Healthcare also had a good opportunity. It succeeded in exporting its beauty device to a popular Japanese distributor (Don Quijote) in four major branches around Tokyo, and Don Quijote is currently preparing for sales. The product is based on the plasma technology which induces skin improvement. It proved popular in Korea because many celebrities who had used the product expressed their satisfaction with it. As global audiences are interested in Korean celebrities in K-Contents including K-beauty, K-pop, K-drama, they would see many Korean celebrities using this product, which will provoke global popularity, too.
In particular, plasma is not simple and has an excellent effect on anti-inflammatory, antibacterial improvement treatment. Emma Healthcare is a leading company that err on the side of caution and safety. It has conducted several safety tests even for minor ozone generation. Above all, since it is a handy-type design with charging method, the company put so much work into choosing the safest battery made by renowned companies.

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