Fully-Fledged AI for Digital Healthcare

Infomining in South Korea has currently registered five domestic patents related to medical AI, including single measurement systems, emergency monitoring, hospital control systems, smart quarantine systems, and information provision technologies and systems for disease diagnosis and medical institutions. Two solutions, including natural language processing using artificial intelligence and an electrocardiogram measurement system, have been recently applied for domestic patients.

Natural language processing technology enables natural conversations for patients self-diagnosis through AI. For example, if a patient asks, “I coughed a lot. Why do I cough?” and the AI illogically replies back, “Did you cough?, we should conclude that the solution is useless. At least, the fully-fledged AI has to chat to ask you questions like 쏡o you have pain in your stomach, too?, “Which part of your lower or upper stomach hurts?” or so on. The accuracy of natural language processing AI developed by Infomining is 90%. In other words, 9 out of 10 answers are appropriate for the situation. This is far above the accuracy of the widely known GPT or BERT-based natural language processing AI model (50-72%).

Recently, Infomining’s AI electrocardiogram measurement system has surpassed the level of Google and IBM. The disease was predicted with about 84% accuracy in the F1 score, a medical indicator related to ECG. Google and IBM had this value of 83%. This technology was selected as the best prize in the “Echocardiogram/Echocardiogram AI Model Dataton 2021″ on the 15th. Currently, it is preparing related papers to submit them to the world’s most prestigious AI conference, NeurIPS (Nips).

Smart Healthcare (Digital Healthcare) is an industrial field that deals with information, devices, systems, and platforms on personal health and medical care, and is a comprehensive medical service that combines health-related services with medical ICT (Information and Communication Technology). It is growing rapidly around the world, and is emerging as the most influential convergence field in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

According to a report released by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency, the global artificial intelligence healthcare market is expected to reach $754.7 million (about 847.5 billion won) in 2020 from $1.79 billion won in 2015 to 25.6 billion won in 2020.

As artificial intelligence technology is expected to create innovative value in the healthcare industry, global companies are competitively investing in the field of artificial intelligence healthcare, and Korea is considered competitive in the global smart healthcare market as it has the world’s best ICT technology.

CEO Lee said, “We have implemented the performance of global AI or exceeded that level in a certain area. Based on this, we have developed integrated medical solutions and are upgrading technology.”

Kyobo Life Insurance announced on Jan 5th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with MyData-based startups to expand financial MyData services.

Kyobo Life Insurance plans to expand its MyData service area with this MOU and accelerate the launch of its upcoming official service. Kyobo Life Insurance aims to launch an official service within this month after obtaining the MyData business license from the Financial Services Commission for the first time in the insurance industry in July last year.

According to Kyobo Life Insurance, the two companies that signed the MOU this time are “Infomining” and “Enable Daon Soft,” promising startups that are recognized for their innovation in different areas.

Infomining is a company specialized in smart healthcare services. It is a startup that has proven its excellence through certification as a technology-specific venture company and winning the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Championship. Kyobo Life Insurance plans to jointly discover and commercialize ideas so that it can motivate customers to promote health and provide customized health solutions through information mining and health data utilization and analysis.

“Enable Daon Soft” is a startup that is developing and operating a military service called “The Camp.” Through this business partnership, Kyobo Life Insurance will promote the development of financial education contents for military soldiers and the development of customized financial products for soldiers.

The company, which won the grand prize in the public sector of the Korea Mobile Awards, provides military enlistment information and community functions for military families through applications. The cumulative number of subscribers is 3.6 million and the number of monthly users (MAU) is 700,000.

Kyobo Life Insurance’s goal is to help people live a healthy and proper financial life. Kyobo Life Insurance said officially, “We plan to create and provide MyData services that revive Kyobo Life’s identity so that customers can understand and take the lead in financial life.

It specializes in AI solutions that patients plan in advance or medical staff use to improve work efficiency. It has developed ‘Hearty Hearty’, a solution with world-class performance in natural language processing and bio-signal analysis. We are currently conducting clinical trials in collaboration with various hospitals and institutions.”


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