Introducing an Innovative Refrigerator with Supercooling Technology

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Supercooling water refers to a liquid such as water cooling without becoming a solid down to a temperature lower than the freezing point which means temperature at which a liquid freezes. For example, water originally freezes at 0°C, but if certain conditions are satisfied, it does not freeze below 0°C and can continue to cool down as a liquid. This condition is called supercooling or undercooling.

Simply put, it’s like “Don’t freeze the water and chill it down further while maintaining a liquid state.” It would be better for you to understand that the term supercooling is used as it cools down as a liquid even after passing through the freezing point. Therefore you can say that supercooling is a state where liquids do not solidify even below their typical freezing point, 0°C. By utilizing supercooling, the liquid state can be maintained without solidification or crystallization far below its normal freezing point. “Frozen” means that the water molecule cannot move, however, when utilizing supercooling phenomena, the molecule moves freely even if it is below 0°C. Therefore, it does not freeze and the water maintains the form of liquid even if it is below the freezing point.

Supercooling is the process of lowering the temperature of a liquid or gas below the freezing point without solidification. The principle behind it is that liquid cannot be frozen for some reason in terms of molecule structure. In order to elicit supercooling, it is necessary to take time to cool down slowly in a certain environment. The molecules can continue to move without hardening in the absence of a seed crystal or nucleus around which a crystal structure can form, which can only be achieved in liquids that do not contain seed crystals that may trigger crystallization. Lacking any such nuclei, the liquid state can be maintained all the way down to the very temperature. Therefore, even if it is below the freezing point, it is possible to maintain a liquid state without crystallization.

One commercial application of supercooling is in refrigeration. Just pick one bottle out from the supercooling refrigerator. When you knock a supercooled bottle of beverage onto the table, or in a matter of seconds with pouring the liquid into a glass, like a miracle, it will instantly turn to slushy ice right before your eyes. The refrigerator can cool drinks to a supercooled level in liquid state so that when they are opened or stimulated, they form a slush and begin to freeze.

Supercooling may occur depending on the conditions in the refrigerator without any special techniques if you use the “SnowTalk Super Cooler” of ATOZ Global Inc. You can easily cool beverages down to just before freezing, and then keep it in that near-frozen state for as long as you like. Beverages in an ice-slush form have a much better taste and any stockists of beverages including soft drink, beers and liquors aspiring to maximize sales would be interested in this groundbreaking freezer.

ATOZ Global’s new product “SnowTalk Super Cooler” is an appliance that is equipped with a patented indirect cooling method. The SnowTalk Super Cooler uses convection technology, which chills the inside of the refrigerator indirectly through air circulation. SnowTalk Super Cooler can make the beverage cool evenly wherever it is stored, allowing it to be enjoyed colder and more deliciously, and can be used safely with certification such as KC, EC, CB, and CCC.

It is also more eco-friendly than a regular refrigerator which keeps the contents of the fridge between zero and five degrees Celsius. However, a supercooling refrigerator cools its contents to far below freezing point so does not require coolants such as liquid nitrogen and the items suffer less damage during the process than in some other forms of cooling. It is also convenient to use at restaurants, retailers, or stockists, by lowering electricity rates and noise is less burdensome to use.

By setting the supercooling temperature according to the type of drink, customers can create snowflake-type slush and present various entertaining performances to give them the pleasure. It is possible to prepare to astound guests with the seemingly magical power of transforming water into ice before their eyes. ATOZ Global won the Korea Hit Brand Grand Prize in the refrigerator category in the second half of 2021 by introducing a new supercooler concept refrigerator. The company recently signed MOUs with companies such as Indonesia Smile Home Shopping and Hite Jinro Industry, getting prepared to announce its fully-fledged start of business.

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