A safe outlet to prevent electrical accidents.

Since the spread of electricity in the 19th century, all electric appliances have made innovative progress, but the most commonly used electric outlets have remained in early models. In front of safety accidents such as electric shock and short circuit that continue day after day, voices calling for changes in electrical outlets are rising. Goodlife Co., Ltd., which makes the “safest outlet in the world,” is drawing attention from the global market by introducing products that are the same size and shape as existing outlets and have price competitiveness.

Of the approximately 45,000 fires that occur in a year, 20% correspond to electric fires. An average of 600 electric shock accidents occur a year, 90% of which are children’s electric shock accidents. Children’s electric shock accidents are dangerous enough to cause internal organ damage and respiratory paralysis in severe cases. In the midst of this, Good Life Co., Ltd. recently attracted attention by introducing “Safe Outlets (S.O.). Unlike most safety outlets that can only be applied to certain accidents, S.O. is characterized by preventing all accidents that can occur while using electric outlets such as electric shock and short circuit caused by direct contact, water electric shock and short circuit, and dust fire. It can be applied to 14 types of 2-pin and 3-pin outlets around the world, and can be used for all outlets that use electricity, such as inside and outside buildings and multi-taps. CEO Lee Jong-ho said he hopes S.O. can contribute to a safer life.

Automatically shut off electricity inside the outlet before inserting the plug.

It fundamentally solves accidents caused by direct contact.

In addition, if water flows in, it can be discharged directly out through a drain pipe separated by polarity. In particular, the advantage is that it can be purchased at the same price as existing products.

Electrical energy is also the most important thing for humans. In fact, fire and water were considered the most important in the early days, but few places do not use electricity due to the era of electricity that began after that.It is so popular that it flows anywhere that it is creating a considerable amount. As such, there is a lot of contact and usage. Therefore, it is necessary to promote safety in relation to accidents.In the case of an electric accident, the most basic thing is an electric shock accident. Electric shock also refers to a state in which a person is exposed to electric current. The high voltage does not mean that a person dies.When current flows through a person’s body, a person burns to death. In addition to burning and dying situations, heart attacks can occur when current flows through the heart. Current can be quite dangerous because the human body is also challenging.But just because a lot of current flows doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. This is because if the voltage is low, it cannot come into the skin. Therefore, preventing them from entering the body is also preventing electric shock accidents.It is necessary to recognize that it is a fight between penetrating the skin and not.If you are aware that the current is more dangerous due to incorrect information, you need to take this opportunity to learn more about the voltage. The extent to which electrical shock can lead to death is about 50 mA. Please note that this corresponds to the level emitted by electric ducks. However, we lack the expertise to manage electricity.Above all, the use of electricity at home is often distributed using outlets, so you should know and use the safest and most convenient product.

Good Life Co., Ltd. also introduced S.O. at CES 2020, the world’s largest technology exhibition held in Las Vegas in January. CEO Lee expressed expectations that the exhibition will pave the way for collaboration with companies that make electric appliances, transfer patents, royalty profits, and entry into the U.S. and European regions and Southeast Asian markets. Good Life Co., Ltd. received requests for technology alliances from various companies at the exhibition, as well as offers to publish S.O. on Amazon’s main page. CEO Lee thanked the Korea Institute of Electricity and Changwon City (Changwon Industrial Promotion Agency) for their good results.

Good Life Co., Ltd. is preparing various follow-up products in addition to S.O. In particular, it plans to actively utilize technology applicable to all 14 outlets around the world. He said he would like to develop products tailored to various needs, while continuing to appear in various exhibitions around the world and expand the base. CEO Lee’s insight was valid for Good Life Co., Ltd. to be able to introduce such innovative products. It has already been recognized for its original ideas, winning two gold and one silver prize at the World Invention Competition (Pittsburgh INPEX in the U.S.). The global market is expected to be worth more than 100 trillion won. Accordingly, CEO Lee focused on the global market from product planning to development stage. After these efforts, S.O.s that can be applied to all types of outlets were born. CEO Lee said, “We want to grow into a global company that supplies technology beyond simply producing and selling products, and we hope to contribute to the safe life of more people by supplying this product widely.” Electric appliance manufacturers, which have a sales network to revitalize the market faster, are in charge of production and sales, and Goodlife Co., Ltd. plans to grow into an R&D company that develops new products, hoping that many companies currently producing electric equipment at home and abroad will participate.

Last year, France implemented a pro-business policy, recording the largest number of start-ups ever. The “Micro Enterprise” system, one of the support systems implemented by the French government, provides various tax benefits and simplification of administrative procedures for companies whose sales do not exceed a certain amount. La French Tech, a startup development policy, makes France the world’s largest startup network. CEO Lee cautiously said that Korea’s start-up support system is changing a lot, but more active changes are needed. This is because even though innovative products have been developed, commercialization may be delayed due to existing regulations. He said that as the times are changing, if the system is improved in the direction of prioritizing measures to remedy before regulation, it will further enhance national competitiveness.

“We established Good Life Co., Ltd. to make products that can contribute to a more convenient and safe life. We would like to help reduce repeated electric accidents every year. Good Life Co., Ltd. will grow into a small and strong company with sufficient competitiveness.”

Let’s do our best and accept the results. It is CEO Lee’s management philosophy. After numerous efforts, this philosophy was supported by the development of products that could satisfy both performance and price competitiveness. Good Life Co., Ltd. plans to knock on the door of the global market with S.O. and its follow-up products. We hope that Good Life Co., Ltd., which was created with groundbreaking ideas, will protect the safety of people around the world. (www.gl9000.com)

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