Atoz Global Announced That it has Released the SNOW Talk Super Cooler.

Atoz Global’s new product “SnowTalk Super Cooler” is a home appliance that adopts a patented indirect cooling method and is manufactured using eco-friendly refrigerants and foaming agents. In addition, it can be conveniently used at companies and general homes by lowering electricity rates and noise that are burdensome to use.The supercooling method does not cool directly using convection that occurs, but indirectly cools through air circulation, and cools evenly wherever it is stored, allowing it to be enjoyed colder and more deliciously, and can be used safely with certified products such as KC, EC, CB, and CCC. By setting the supercooling temperature according to the type of drink, customers can create snowflake-type particles and present various performances to give them the pleasure of seeing them with their eyes. Currently, Atoz Global won the Korea Hit Brand Grand Prize in the refrigerator category in the second half of 2021 by introducing a new supercooler concept refrigerator, and signed MOUs with companies such as Indonesia Smile Home Shopping and Hite Jinro Industry.

Atoz means anything from a to z.You can feel the unique ideas and energy of the company, and CEO Baek is also a professional manager and is already competent enough to serve as an executive at Korea’s leading chicken franchise.

It is thought that supercooling technology is the best to show performance as a beverage, but it uses sensor technology to master various beverages, alcoholic beverages, and carbonated ion drinks evenly. In addition, it seems to have technology development by utilizing applied technology to fresh and moderate ripening of all dietary materials such as vegetables and meat.

And as the original technology originated from medicine, it is expected to expand to the original medical field. In particular, it is natural to be interested in drug transportation or storage around the time when the COVID-19 incident draws attention. In addition to continuing to watch these movies, you can feel that there is great interest in introducing them to Japan and other countries in the United States. Toyota Group, Japan’s leading company, is also trying to reach out to major consumers through active interest and distribution channels.

You’re curious why I should choose the Snow Talk refrigerator, right?

Beer is more like beer!Snowflake soju is more like soju! Drink more like a drink!

Because you can use patented cooling technology without worrying about sexual love and electricity bills.

Even if the function is good, I don’t want to go home if it doesn’t look pretty.

SnowTalk refrigerator has the exterior of course! It’s not rough. It’s a neat design, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the interior.

You may think the price is somewhat expensive, but if it has function and convenience, great performance, and retro-sentimental design, it is the best product for commercial and home use.


▲ ATOZ Global INC.

▲ CEO : Suk-Hyun Baek





Sam Kim


Asia Journal