Dang tea: A good change in the body through small changes


“Dangti” is a combination of blood sugar, sugar when diabetes, and tea. Just by hearing the name, you can notice that it is a drink it helps control blood sugar.

Nowadays, the type of population is gradually increasing in the number of aging populations and extending their lifespan. It can be said that medical technology has developed and the quality of life has improved. Nevertheless, most people in their 40s and 50s suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure. After learning about the efficacy of vanadium, Kim Hyung-bong, CEO of ASB, started the “Dangti” project targeting diabetics in their 40s and 50s and older.

The biggest reason why “Dangti” can control blood sugar is because of vanadium. Vanadium is a mineral by nature. All minerals are poisonous and must be extracted without this toxicity. There is no technology in Korea to extract pure vanadium. Therefore, pure vanadium imported from the United States is transferred to broccoli and cultured for 15 days. Later, the juice was made by “banasu,” a high concentration of vanadium. However, mixing this bana water with raw water does not mean that vanadium’s efficacy will be shown. This is because if the mixing ratio is not matched according to the mixing ratio, the components of vanadium are buried in the elements in it and none of them come out. Therefore, matching this blending rate is the most important technology.

We called this process 쁬atching the DNA. However, the technology section has not been patented. This is because if a patent is issued, the most important technology will be disclosed. And It cost 360 million to develop the technology.

Instead, Dang tea patented a technology that transfers pure vanadium to broccoli and cultivates it in lactic acid bacteria. The reason why vana water was extracted using broccoli is that broccoli has the highest absorption rate of vanadium compared to other plants, and it also has the same antioxidant function as the original broccoli.
Clinical trials on vanadium have been conducted in Korea, but many university professors have already conducted clinical trials overseas, and have been conducted until recently. According to the 2020 paper, animal testing shows that the efficacy of vanadium is natural to improve diabetes, as well as in Alzheimer’s, leukemia, and some cancers.
“Dang tea” has various effects not only blood sugar level regulating effects, which is the effection of the Vanadium. First, when you actually drink “dang tea,” 쁡ang tea find the worst part of your body. For example, if a diabetic and fat person drinks 쁃ang tea at the same time, the blood sugar level does not decrease. This is because the effect of vana water does not work first on blood sugar, but on obese cells. In fact, most of the reviews on “Dang tea” show that the majority of people feel bloated and light. Second, “sugar” has a good hematopoietic function. In other words, it is useful for the function of producing blood from bone marrow. Leukaemia patients also reportedly recovered from drinking dang tea for four months. In this way, the effect varies from person to person, but it is effective in the long run.

The difference between unlike other beverages that are helpful for diabetes, and 쁃ang tea is only “Dang tea” has that vanadium directly replaces the role of insulin and helps control blood sugar level. In the case of drinks that help controlling the sugar level means just sugar-free only, but it does not directly affect blood sugar control.

Therefore, “sugar” can cure diabetes, which cannot be cured even with diabetes drugs, and prevent complications caused by diabetes drugs. In fact, seven out of 10 people with diabetes, or about 70 percent, had this effect. Because of these effects, many people buy “Dang tea” and drink it steadily.

Then, will there be any side effects if you drink a lot of “dang tea” consistently and in a day?
The answer is No. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recommended daily dose of vanadium as determined is 1800 micrograms. And the result of ingredient test with 0.001% of vana water is about 1290 (microg) of vanadium. If you add a little bit more, it will exceed the standards set by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. So just 0.001% of vana water is included. However, there are no side effects even if the daily recommended amount is exceeded by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. To feel the effectiveness of “dang tea,” it is recommended that you drink at least one bottle a day.

쁃ang tea is currently selling 24 bottles for 67,200 won, or 2,800 won per 500ml bottle. Many consumers have already recognized the effects of “Dang tea” and are steadily purchasing. However, there were many reviews that it was a little expensive in terms of price. In this response, Kim Hyung-bong, CEO of ASB said, “We are considering selling 쁃ang tea by lowering the price a little while maintaining the content of Vana water and lowering the capacity to 250ml and 200ml.” Considering this in terms of consumers, it is considered a reasonable and efficient price promotion. Also, 쁃ang tea has a corn silk tea flavor that takes into account the savory taste of Koreans. In addition, it is also willing to release the black tea flavor aimed at China in the future and green tea flavor if it targets Japan. This does not mean that the taste of corn silk tea is not popular overseas. only, it will replace the tea flavor that is popular in the country.
Kim Hyun-bong, CEO of ASB, plans not only diabetes patients in their 4s and 50s but also leukemia and dieting through “dang tea” using vana water, which has a positive effect on people. Also, “dang tea” has no expiration date because it is water. The expiration date indicated is long enough to be eaten. So it should be easy to drink.
Even if we give the water changes that are positioned as a matter of course in our lives, those small changes accumulate steadily every day and make a big difference. Feel your body change through one small change a day, “Dang tea”


Bella Kang

Asia Journal