Dynamic Business Scene between Korea and Japan


With the Omicron wave dragging out the COVID-19 pandemic over its two-year mark, the landscape around international business is facing increasingly greater uncertainties. In efforts to overcome this difficult situation, Japanese companies have shown a remarkably heightened interest in exploring new business ideas and liaising with foreign companies especially Korean companies.

Listening to the voices of these companies, LA Times Asia Journal has been serving as a bridge between Japanese and Korean businesses and revitalizing them. To illustrate how LA Times Asia Journal is helping its incubatees reach Japan, we will explain in detail below the results of our introducing of Korean companies to Elematec (Toyota Groups’s specialized trading company) and the ensuant connections to other Japanese companies.


Infomining (a Korean company that developed a system that analyzes biosignals collected from a smartwatch including electrocardiogram, blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, pulse, and body temperature) was introduced to HESEL (a Japanese telemedicine solutions company) by Elematec. HESEL is on course to propose a combination of their telemedicine solution and Infomining’s system to a Japanese IT company that will sign an agreement in April. The plan is currently under discussion between Elematec and HESEL.

Infomining셲 system is also being reviewed by Maeda Glass (a Japanese company specializing in glass) as a potential new business item. Furthermore, Elematec is scheduled to visit ITbook (a Japanese company that provides IT products and consultations to administrative agencies, private companies, and financial companies) for the purpose of introducing Infomining’s system.


GB Soft (a Japanese company that developed a system that utilizes an AI server to analyse light from camera lenses to measure such biosignals as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse, and body temperature) was also introduced to HESEL, Maeda Glass, and ITbook by Elematec’s sales activities.


Ellexi (a Korean data labeling company), Pet Now (a Korean a company that developed a pet biometrics recognition solution), and INI Solution (a Korean company that developed a food and nutrition analysis solution) are currently being supported by AI YANGJAE HUB (a Korean institution that fosters and supports about 200 AI companies) and are all under consideration by Maeda Glass. Elematec is also scheduled to visit ITbook to introduce these 3 companies.


EZ Group (a Korean company that developed LED light emitting sheets) is also being considered by Maeda Glass as a new business item.


Cognizant of the heightened anticipations with regards to business expansions between Japanese and Korean companies, LA Times Asia Journal will be continuing to grow this incubating system and manage it more systematically.



mike Choi



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