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EZ Group produces and sells road signs, traffic safety signs, window signs, and other signatures based on its own core technology, light guide films for cotton light emitting devices.

The patented light guide film for a cotton light emitting device has the advantage of excellent visibility and readability from any direction regardless of size. This is possible because compared to the conventional indirect lighting method of attaching a sheet to the entire light guide plate, the light from the light source on the side minimizes the loss of light due to the sheet before reaching the letter or figure.


An official from EZ Group said, “The company’s road signs boast a minimum thickness of 13mm. In addition, the open sign is 13mm thick, making it easy to detach and attach windows, and you can also see interior effects with mirror functions and light on the border, he said. He added, “With a 30-kilometer speed limit in the child protection zone, many traffic safety signs are being installed.”The place where you need the LED sign, the open sign!

1. In the case of opening late at night,

2. If you want to differentiate yourself from other stores,

3. If you want to create a luxurious atmosphere,

5. The store is in the shade, so if it’s dark,

6. If there’s a lack of interior design that draws attention from the store,

OPEN sign boards are listed below.

Circular gold mirror open sign board. (Option selectable: Round, square & silver mirror, gold mirror)

Cubang/Adapta/Wireless remote control

If you want to decorate your store in a luxurious way, use the G-Signed Open Sign. Based on our technology, we are in the process of overseas supply of light guide films for light-emitting devices, B2B business for framed window signs and sign businesses, and B2G business for modular light-emitting road signs, a company official said.

Regarding future plans, an official added, “We plan to develop a pedestrian solar spotlight and surface light emitting safety system, a solar surface light emitting safety sign system for bicycle crossing, and a smart speed alarm system in connection with solar power.”

EZ Group is a company that is creating new standards for the LED Signage industry. EZ Free Sheet technology is an LED sign and lighting innovation that enables all the light in the world with one product without going through unnecessary processes of laser, V-cut, and printing methods that manufacture light guide plates used in existing industries. By applying EZ Free Sheet’s patented technology, it has developed module-type road traffic signs and safety signs with excellent visibility and readability, and is considered an innovative product at home and abroad.

G-SIGN WAY (Modular Type Road Sign) is a road sign produced using EZ Free Sheet. Existing road signs can be installed without being replaced, and construction costs can be reduced by 40%. In particular, even on foggy or rainy days, the light does not scatter, so it does not interfere with the driver’s vision. Modular road signs employing EZ Free Sheet can be applied to all types of road signs designated by the Vienna Convention or MUTCD.

There is no scattering of light in the surface light emitting method, so visibility is excellent, and the removal cost is not incurred in the modular method, thereby shortening the installation time and traffic control time. By using patented new material films that maximize LED efficiency, high economic feasibility is secured by reducing waste of resources by simplifying the process. It participates in zero waste, which reduces maintenance and waste because it can recycle existing signs in a module method that is free to attach and detach.

Reflecting the continuous increase in traffic accidents of elderly drivers and the number of children in the school zone, EZ Group said it will develop “Pedestrian Solar Spot and Cotton Light Safety System” and “Smart Speed Alarm System” linked to sunlight.

Furthermore, he expressed his ambition to develop solutions to control service data integrated into a smart management integrated platform, visualize and monitor from a service perspective.


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뼯 Chairman : Joo-young Kim

뼯 CEO : Ji-won Kang

뼯Brand : EZ Free Sheet/ G-Sign Window/ G-Sign Way




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