HHS: Smart Safety System Based on Reliable Biological Signal Processing Technology

The most important thing at the construction site is the safety of workers and they deserve to be guaranteed. The safety is possible not only by myself, but also by harmonizing well with various situational factors. Because people are not perfect.
In fact, according to the “2020 Industrial Accident Death Statistics” released by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in Korea, the number of accident deaths increased 27 from the previous year. And the accident death rate was 0.46%, the same as the previous year. Among the total accident deaths by industry, the number of accident deaths in the construction industry was 458, accounting for 51.9% of the total, an increase of 30 from the previous year. In addition, 237 people died in construction accidents, accounting for 51.7% of the total, accounting for more than half of the total. It can be attributed to the condition of the worker or carelessness or internal situational factors at the construction site in the order of falling, pinching, bumping, and hitting the object.
Also, according to a survey conducted by the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS (USA) in the United States as well as Korea, statistics show that one of five fatal accidents occurs at a construction site, of which there are four causes: falling, getting stuck in an object, and hitting an object.
As such, accidents related to the safety of workers continue to occur not only in Korea but also in the United States. Until now, safety has been educated and prepared with importance, but new technological measures or effective countermeasures are needed to prevent accidents in the future.


HHS is the company that has the technology to supplement and prepare for this. This can be said to be the result of the development of Big Data and AI technologies along with the 4th industrial revolution in line with rapid changes these days.
HHS is a company that provides a smart safety management system based on bio-signal processing technologies such as brain waves, heart rate, and body temperature through AI technology and big data. It is a system that collects big data through ECG and EMG, analyzes it, and informs users when an abnormality occurs.
The ‘Smart Safety Management System based on bio-signal processing’ is a bio-signal processing device module that measures the status of workers in industrial sites in real time. After measuring the worker’s condition, it monitors the dangerous situation in real time and informs the safety manager. The HHS judged that these biometric signals could fundamentally analyze workers’ risk situations. In other words, HHS can prevent accidents by collecting and analyzing biometric information of workers in real time.

Before the originals, smart safety helmets focused on monitoring the surrounding environment. However, HHS’s bio-signal processing-based smart safety management system was attached to acquire bio-signals such as brain waves, heart rate, and acceleration to produce a product that can analyze workers’ dangerous situations. In addition, it is made in the module form, so it is detachable from the existing safety helmet and easy to connect to various sensors.
On the one hand, I was worried and wondered if managers could monitor workers by using the safety helmets of workers which is the ‘Smart Safety Management System based on bio-signal processing’ developed by HHS at the construction site. This is because they are continuously collecting their personal information. And from the manager’s point of view, I thought it could be used as a means to increase the work efficiency of workers.
However, HHS is not a technology to monitor and control the surrounding environment through location services such as GPS, but a smart safety management system that checks their safety and detects biometric signals purely for the safety of construction site workers. Just because a safety manager obtains workers’ bio-information in real-time through HHS’s “Bio-signal processing-based smart safety system” technology does not mean it plays a role like CCTV. This is because they are not managed and monitored in real time by video or recorded. This is because they only collect their biometric signals with simple basic information such as workers’ photos and numbers. Therefore, we will be able to rely on, trust, and proudly ensure our stability in HHS’s ‘Smart Safety System based on biometric signal processing technology’.

Not only in industrial sites that require a lot of safety. It is expected that the quality of life will be further improved by introducing HSS’s bio-signal processing technology-based smart safety system in all areas that require safety.

First of all, it is judged that it would be good if HHS’s technology was introduced into the transportation sector, where safety is considered important.
For example, if a smart safety system solution based on biological signal processing technology is utilized for safety helmets used riding the bicycle, health problems can be prevented in advance. It is also recommended to use it for electric kickboards, which have recently raised various safety issues. Electric kickboards are listed as one of various means of transportation. The electric kickboard is neither a bicycle nor a motorcycle. However, the means of transportation are correct. Because of this, it is difficult to go to the sidewalk and to go to the roadway. It is now designated by law to allow people to take bicycle paths. As it is in an ambiguous position, there are also major safety issues. Although safety helmets are legally required, many people do not wear them. A smart safety system based on HHS biological signal processing technology is suited in such a part, and I think it is an opportunity to manufacture a safety cap for the people who are using the electric kickboard, or a sensor attached to an electric kickboard to measure the driver’s condition in real time.

Otherwise, if the solution is applied to amusement parks, it will be able to give stability to people who want to enjoy the thrill but are worried about the safety of the rides. If you check the physical reaction caused by excessive tension because of anxiety about the safety of the playground equipment in real time, you will be able to enjoy the amusement park a little more.
Therefore, not only industrial sites but also our daily life, we believe that HHS’s bio-signal processing technology-based smart safety system can be combined to check its own safety and prevent safety in advance.


Bella Kang

Asia Journal