How much information can our cameras tell us

Gbsoft stands out in the information and communication industry through the “Star Venture Promotion Project” of the Daegu Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (hereinafter referred to as the Daegu Changgyeong Center).

Gbsoft is showing rapid growth through ‘contactless biosignal measurement technology using cameras’.

Since its establishment in October 2017, it has been selected as SW High Growth 200 by the Ministry of Science and ICT, TIPS program start-up team by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and NEST 8 startups by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund.

In particular, it was listed as a free star company in Daegu City four years after its establishment with its unrivaled technology.

Gbsoft’s contactless biosignal measurement technology is a high-tech technology that uses the properties of blood absorbing light when the heart repeats contraction and relaxation using the RPPG (Remote Photo Thymography) method to detect the amount of reflected light and analyze the shaking of blood vessels in combination.

The technology was registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last year and is currently being used in construction, automobiles, living and medical fields.

When a face image is taken with a camera, biological signals (vital signs) such as pulse and oxygen vesicles are displayed on the monitor, and workers’ health care can be performed at the same time as working attitude is checked, which is receiving favorable responses from industrial sites.

Gbsoft is on a roll with large companies leading each field.

It supplies solutions to global companies such as Hyundai Mobis, Lotte Engineering & Construction, Daelim Engineering & Construction, and insurance companies.

The first and second reasons for the rush of love calls from large companies are technology.

Gbsoft’s technology is superior to domestic and overseas competitors.

After completing an NDA to Softbank, Data Scope, Fujisoft, and healthcare company Omron, Japan’s leading companies, they are waiting to draw up an investment budget after writing LOI.

It has an accuracy of more than 95%, and domestic and foreign competitors cannot keep up with the measurement speed.

These gbsoft’s achievements are the result of endless efforts.

Park Ki-beom, CEO of gbsoft, received technology transfer from a local university to commercialize innovative ideas and succeeded in developing technologies in cooperation with employees.

Since then, it has received direct and indirect support such as management, marketing, and technology such as business diagnosis and strategy establishment through the Star Venture Promotion Project of the Daegu Changgyeong Center.

As a result, sales are expected to surpass 3.5 billion won this year.

gbsoft is striving to establish itself as an ICT company in the region with its annual target of 6.9 billion won in 2022, 17.2 billion won in 2023, and 28.6 billion won in 2024. It is also planning to recruit talent according to growth.

CEO Park Ki-beom said, “We have not been properly engaged in activities to attract fighting spirit, but we plan to start in earnest from this year,” adding, “We will strengthen our world’s No. 1 position in related fields with the technology and widen the gap with latecomers to become a global company.


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Sam Kim

Asia Journal