Prevention is more important than electrocution

At the end of last month, a worker in his 60s died of an electric shock at the Resort in middle of Korea. The bereaved families are complaining that they have entrusted workers who do not have electricity-related licenses to work at special high-voltage electricity facilities. The government investigates violations of the Act on the Punishment of Serious Disasters. This is because large-scale fires and electric conduction accidents caused by leakage currents are increasing, and numerous accidents have occurred. The government has come up with measures due to the strengthening of the Serious Disaster Punishment Act, and it is a time when they are very interested in safety and are reacting sensitively. However, while laws are in place to prevent electric shock, there is no fundamental solution. First of all, there are casualties and property damage caused by electrical fire accidents and electric shock accidents, and there are not many safety devices to prevent them, and safety education manuals to prevent them are not organized. Rather than come up with countermeasures after the problem, one company thought about what could prevent accidents and found a solution.
The main purpose of the master ESD is to prevent electric shock and fire accidents, and it has developed a product that improves power factor by absorbing leaked electricity. This will help you save power and protect your device for safe use. ECSPD shields and absorbs leakage current to compensate with power, preventing electric shock accidents and reducing electricity bills due to leakage current, and ENSPD is a product that can protect devices by reducing noise and electromagnetic waves in ECSPD functions. Therefore, it is beneficial to use ENSPD in humid places, and the device used according to the situation is the consumer’s choice.
ECSPD and ENSPD, which are electroless smart terminals, need to be installed separately on power distribution boxes or distribution boards installed in each building, so it costs a separate installation fee and experts should check for failure. The company thought if this function could be used as a multi-tap in normal times, and began to develop it so that people could carry it conveniently where they needed it. Because MJ GUARD is equipped with ECSPD or ENSPD, it is a newly developed product that features the performance of the two products and is portable and can be used more safely than the usual outlet and multi-tap. If MJ GUARD is a mobile phone, ECSPD and ENSPD can be compared to a display. In addition, if there is a problem while using it, the alarm goes off immediately so that it can be properly dealt with, and the design can be also used as an interior item. In addition, since it is equipped with a device called ECSPD, it is designed to protect against overcurrent caused by external surges and leaks and to find and solve the cause more safely than the existing installation-free smart terminal.
Similar products on the market are said to shield leakage and prevent electric shock, but in reality, they play a role in shorting the ground and preventing current from flowing. The breakers currently used in common do not prevent leakage or electric shocks from occurring, but only block the machine from operating when the set amperes are exceeded. In addition, the main function is to prevent electric shock accidents by only preventing leakage due to leakage current shielding or not being able to use other products without grounding. On the other hand, MJ-GUARD products are designed to connect the built-in ground even when there is no ground, so it can be used in everywhere, and it absorbs leakage current to compensate for N-phase, preventing electric shock and fire accidents and reducing electricity costs.
Electricity makes us convenient, but it hurts us if we are not careful. Currently and in the future, safety awareness education is essential to prevent electrical safety accidents because electricity is essential for every house and every building. Without a fundamental mechanism to solve the constant flow of leaks, accidents will continue to happen, and if someone doesn’t change, they will continue to live in a dangerous life without additional safety measures for electricity.
There is still a lack of awareness that we should prevent accidents before they happen because everyone knows safety is the most important thing. In other words, the reality is that it is not easy to make people aware of the risk of electric leakage due to safety insensitivity. It should be used in places where electricity is frequently dropped, where electricity needs to be saved, in old buildings, or in places where aging electricity or water is used, especially if it is humid, it is necessary to apply the circuit breaker. Carelessness or device aging can cause electric shock and fire accidents, so you must find products that can prevent the cause, familiarize yourself with how to use them, and use them safely to prevent accidents.

Lina Lee

Asia Journal