The technology we need to live more conveniently in the future

GBSOFT uses an HD camera to measure each worker’s blood pressure, pulse rate, fever, oxygen saturation, breathalyzer within 10 seconds (accuracy 95.3%), and even at night.

It is a technology that utilizes the property of blood absorbing light when the heart contracts and relaxes using the RPPG method, and analyzes the shaking of blood vessels using the amount of reflected light and measures bio-information analysis (pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure).

GBSOFT takes only 6 seconds to get results after measurement, but not other competitors, but competitors take longer. One company in the U.S. took about two minutes, another one in the U.S. took about one minute and a half, and the Japanese one took about 30 minutes.We also authenticated the reliability of the technology because we did not recognize the manipulated images. In recognition of the technology, KIOSK, which is already applied with the technology, was delivered to Lotte E&C’s construction site, and the solution was applied to smart mirrors in each high-rise apartment built by Lotte E&C.

The technology is not simply that can only be used in a building site or industrial sites.

State of the driver from the current keonektideuka, sleepiness, global automakers, in order to identify whether or not, drinking and developing monitoring systems for the driver.

If driving a compact car and trucks or cargo, transporting all feel the fatigue while driving the car drivers. If you didn’t sleep the previous day, driving can be very dangerous.  The reason is Drowsy driving can lead to. The risk of drowsy driving is dangerous behavior like drunk driving, and if a driver of a large car such as a lorry drives drowsy and leads to an accident, the technology to identify it can be very important. In addition, the driver or the workers under the influence of alcohol is very important. The reason is not an effect only for drinking that day. The previous day drinking and sleeping when all alcohol is often apart and remaining in the body not being done. Not aware of itself, but the speed of response will be less accurate. That would allow business because it leads to accidents in the efficiency and for workers (employees) is one of very important information.

In addition, GBSOFT’s technology can be applied not only to the above but also to various workplaces and fields by checking the working attitude, condition, fever, and condition of patients with underlying diseases from time to time, and establishing solutions to the Critical Disaster Punishment Act

Therefore, it is possible to efficiently manage whether employees are doing well with less manpower.

For example, religious organizations (churches, cathedrals, temples, etc.), funerals, public facilities, amusement parks, tourist attractions, mountains, etc. can be applied to places where unspecified people enter without consistency and repetition

Another advantage of GB SOFT is that the cost of traditional functions is very high and maintenance is high, but it is low, and it can manage health care and condition change indexes through biometric measurements using cameras in generalized monitoring systems that can provide better long-term measurement.

There are various fields introduced, and first of all, I would like to introduce examples that have already been introduced in the construction and manufacturing industry.

Lotte Engineering & Construction Seoul Myeongdong Duty Free, Daegu Suseong Alpha City Lotte Mall site worker and site management solution, Daegu apartment construction site (3 places), Busan apartment construction site, Munsan Dorasan civil engineering site, Gumi Okgye civil engineering site, Hyundai Mobis domestic site and Chinese production vehicle.

For medical purposes, the telemedicine system at Kosin University Hospital was provided by KT, and 65 senior citizens in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Daegu City Corporation provided Kumho Waterpolis construction sites, and LG Electronics provided functions in home appliances and Magok apartment sites.

From the examples already applied and used above, we know GBSOFT’s technology excellence and that it can be used in various fields in the future, and GBSOFT is a company that cares about workers and people, not just technology.


Sophia Kim

Asia Journal