“2022 K-Format Showcase at LA Screening” and “Business Counseling” were held to enter the U.S. market for Korean broadcasting formats.

From May 18 to May 20, “2022 K-Format Showcase at LA Screening” and “Business Counseling” were held to enter the U.S. market for Korean broadcasting formats.

Currently, director Bong Joon-ho’s various works have recently been increasingly interested in Korean cultural contents from around the world due to Parasite and actress Yoon Yeo-jung’s Minari In the past, however, there were no various ways to approach it.

There were only ways to watch simple making videos or introductory videos on YouTube.

People were interested, but there were problems such as poor accessibility. American dramas were very accessible to people from various countries because there were many famous and various companies that started in the United States. Therefore, there were cases where people who were not interested were also exposed in various ways. However, interest in Korean cultural contents is increasing. One of them is a drama called pachinko which is served in the United States. OTT company made it and distributed it. Although it was made in the U.S., most of the actors are Korean, and Yoon Yeo-jung is also in the drama.

People have been covered by China and Japan as a country in Asia, attracting attention with content in countries where people were not familiar with.

All the more important is the actions and policies at this time. That’s why the Korea Creative Content Agency prepared this showcase.

This is not the first time this year. This year, offline events will be held three years after the pandemic.

There are already many successful contents after the Korea Creative Content Agency introduced them to the U.S. or overseas markets in the past and remade them in each country, especially MBC’s “King of Mask Singer.” It has already been a huge success in the United States, and very famous pop stars, actors, and athletes have come out to show various pleasures to viewers.

Also, the entertainment show “I can see your voice” of Mnet broadcasting station was very popular in Korea introduced abroad as a springboard for it

It has achieved great results in sales remakes in 18 countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Belgium, Spain, Canada and Thailand, especially in Europe. The remake of “I Can See Your Voice” in the UK recorded a maximum viewing share of 28.1%.

Korea Creative Content Agency effectively introduced Korean broadcasting contents through online and offline support, such as collaborating with the U.S. Business Center located in LA to conduct an “online showcase” in advance and operating an “offline counseling booth” during the event.

In addition, the five companies that participated in the event achieved $2.5 million worth of consultation results related to entering North America and Latin America through more than 100 business consultations.

At the event, SBS drama “Stairway to Heaven” received particular attention from South American buyers, who signed a Spanish version remake contract with NBC Universal’s Telemundo, one of the largest Spanish channels in the United States, and will be broadcast throughout the United States and distributed worldwide.

MBC’s “King of Mask Singer,” which has already proven the power of K-Format around the world, has still received keen attention at the event. MBC said that it is currently planning a Bolivian version of the broadcast, and that it is also planning a global version in which Craig Plestis, the producer of the American version of The Masked Singer, and performers from various countries gather together to compete.

Furthermore, the KBS drama “People,” which was introduced to the U.S. market through the 2019 “K-Format Screening in US,” signed a remake contract with 20th Century Studios under the title “The Company You Keep,” drawing keen attention from industry officials. The film is highly anticipated, with director Jon M. Chu of “Crazy Rich Asian” and producer Lindsay Goffman participating in the production, while Milo Ventimiglia, the main character of the popular drama “This Is Us,” cast as the male lead.

Currently, Korea Creative Content Agency is not just helping exports to dramas, but also introducing them to foreign countries for various entertainment shows.

Korea Creative Content Agency One, who hosted this year’s event, said, “We were able to feel the great interest in Korean broadcasting formats again by hosting the LA screening event,” adding, “We hope that K-broadcasting formats will actively enter South America beyond the U.S. market, and follow-up support will be closely continued through the U.S. business center.”


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