The 95-year-old star, the oldest TV music talent show host, has died.

MC Song Hae, who traveled all over the country and shared the joys and sorrows of the people, went to sleep on the 10th. At 4:30 a.m. that day, the funeral ceremony of the late Song Hae was strictly observed at the funeral hall of Seoul National University Hospital in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The bereaved family, acquaintances, Eom Young-soo, president of the Korea Broadcasting Comedy Association, Kim Hak-rae, Lee Yong-sik, Choi Yang-rak, Yoo Jae-seok, Kang Ho-dong, Cho Se-ho, Lee Soo-geun, Lim Ha-ryong, Lee Sang-byeok, Seol Un-do Moon Hee-ok, Lee Ja-yeon, and Kim Hye-yeon saw off the last path.

Famous MCs are dominated by comedians and comedians rather than announcers in Korean culture and arts broadcasting. Among them, the late Song Hae is the host of the program “National Singing Contest,” a Korean weekend TV show. So he was one of the respected characters of the cognitive singer, comedian, and actors.Kim Hak-rae, who hosted the funeral ceremony, said, “Even if you are sad, let’s have fun today.”

The late Song Hae, who shared the joys and sorrows of the people…The last national singing contest

Chairman Eom Young-soo said, “The teacher was a magician who made grandfathers and grandmothers into youth and stars,” adding, “The teacher ran away from home, went to Busan, made his debut, and made his debut as a musical actor. We believe in this, and we will wait until the teacher wakes up again.”He said, “I’ve never said, ‘It’s time to put down the broadcast, I can’t cheer up. I’ve never said anything negative or given up.’ He woke up this winter, overcame difficulties, and even when he was struggling, he was hospitalized for two to three days. He shaved his hair at a 2,000 won barber shop. We have a long way to go. I can’t believe you left so early Sir, please sleep comfortably and freely there in heaven. I respect and love you.”The late Song Hae, who shared the joys and sorrows of the people…The last national singing contest

Lee Yong-sik said, “I shouted the National Singing Contest with many people here, but now please shout ‘Heaven Singing Contest’ in front of countless stars,” adding, “The rice soup restaurant where the teacher used to go, the chair that always sat down, is now a chair for all of us.” Good-bye,” he said in his eulogy. He then said, “How nice would it have been if you wore that medal on your neck when you were alive?” and regretted receiving the Geumgwan Order of Culture after death, but added, “I met my mother and son happily and now don’t get sick and rest comfortably.” Lee Ja-yeon, president of the Korea Singer Association, said, “Mr. Song Hae. The teacher has been a teacher to everyone for the past 70 years, a father, a brother and a brother,” he said. “The teacher who has always treated us with love, and the teacher of all who has given us hope and courage through endless transformation. We cannot let the teacher go. I will remain in my heart forever,” he said, expressing his sorrow.

When the documentary “Songhae 1927” appeared at the funeral hall, the family and juniors shed tears. When Songhae’s trademark “National” came out, which had been shouted for 34 years, participants shouted “Song Contest ” in one voice.

The late Song Hae, who shared the joys and sorrows of the people…The last national singing contest

Seven singers, including Seol Un-do, Moon Hee-ok, Lee Ja-yeon, and Kim Hye-yeon, sang “The Fallen Flower Life” as their condolences. Six comedian juniors, Lim Ha-ryong, Jeon Yoo-sung, Choi Yang-rak, Kang Ho-dong, Yoo Jae-seok and Yang Sang-guk, greeted the deceased on their last path.After finishing the funeral, the Ungu car, which left the mortuary, stopped by “Songhae-gil” in Nakwon-dong, Jongno-gu, where Songhae frequently used rice soup restaurants, barbershops, and saunas, and headed to the KBS main building in Yeouido. Here, the “National Singing Contest” band played Jinhong under the direction of Shin Jae-dong, the head of the orchestra. KBS President Kim Eui-chul and others paid silent tribute to the deceased after the offering.

The late Song Hae, who shared the joys and sorrows of the people…The last national singing contest

The deceased died at his home on the 8th at the age of 95. The deceased was recently hospitalized for frequent health problems, such as repeated hospital admission and discharge.

Song Hae, born in 1927, is a living witness to the history of broadcasting in Korea. In 1948, he entered Haeju Art School in Hwanghae-do and studied vocal music, and in 1951, he joined the evacuation squad and came down to Busan. The deceased, who made his debut in the entertainment industry in 1955 through the Changgong Theater Company, appeared in comedy programs such as “Laughing is Blessing,” “Humor No. 1,” and “The Classical Nanny Theater.” Since May 1988, the deceased has been the MC of KBS 1TV’s “National Singing Contest” for 34 years, and in April, he was listed on the Guinness World Record as the “oldest TV music contest host” as a 95-year-old active MC.The remains of the deceased are enshrined next to his wife Seok-ok Lee, who is buried in Songhae Park in Dalseong-gun, Daegu.