Major League Baseball scouts pay attention to Korean amateur baseball.

Currently, a series of promising pitchers who can throw more than 150 kilometers are emerging in the Korean amateur baseball world. A number of promising pitchers come out every year.

Currently, there are many promising players in high school baseball that can catch the attention of the Major League. Shim Joon-seok, Kim Seo-hyun, and Shin Young-woo are attracting attention from the Major League as well as the KBO League. It is evaluated that it can lead to a sense of power immediately enough. However, the reality is that there are no promising batters. It is a cold analysis that there are no good hitters who can hit a light ball that is more than 150km properly and make a good ball. Probably because most of the U.S. major leagues were pitchers. (Chan-ho Park, Byung-hyun Kim, Jae-eung-seo, Sun-woo Kim, Hyun-jin Ryu) Pitcher Hee-seop Choi, Choi, Shin Soo-chu, and some players are playing in the U.S. Major League after several years.However, he seems to think that success as a batter is difficult except for a few fielders.Of course, Ha Sung-Kim is a brilliant multi-infielder (3rd base, shortstop, 2nd base) after going through Korean professional baseball in the San Diego Padres. However, he is evaluated as a backup player rather than a main player, and in comparison, he is okay. It seems that he is still adjusting to hitting.

Scout A said, “I think the absence of a power heater is something that the Korean baseball community should seriously consider. That phenomenon has intensified in recent years. There was Kim Do-young last year, but it was difficult to see him as a typical power hitter. High school baseball resources that can grow into big guns are gradually decreasing. It is safe to say that the seeds have dried up recently. If there is no power heater, it can be a problem for the league’s box office. Currently, the number of typical home run hitters in the KBO league is gradually decreasing. I think this is a phenomenon that occurs as the number of players who are likely to grow in amateurs continues to decrease. I think it’s time to think about whether there is a problem with the coaching method or the players’ choices. Recognizing that it is a crisis in Korean baseball, I think we should consider the problem of the absence of a power heater. I’m just a passing guest, but shouldn’t Korean baseball maintain its roots? As a person who cares about the KBO League and Korean baseball, I’m really worried about this,” he said.

It is clear that pitching power is the priority of all teams. Only when he has pitching power can he challenge for the championship. In any team, pitchers are treated better. Good resources are joining each team one after another every year.

However, home run hitters are very rare. It is now difficult to find a player who is considered a definite big gun.

Players who have the advantage of defense and base running are entering the professional league, but it has been a long time since finding a power heater has become a power heater. Han Dong-hee and Noh Si-hwan can be the last generation. Han Dong-hee and Roh Si-hwan also need to learn more from professionals to grow into typical home run hitters.

It has become difficult to find a power heater in high school baseball to the extent that Major League scouts are worried. It is a serious situation that can be directly connected to the success of the KBO League.

Scout A said, “I’m not just talking about high school seniors right now. Reports keep coming up that it is difficult to find a possible batter among the first and second graders. Reinforcing power heaters in Korean high school baseball is tantamount to giving up. Power heaters do not necessarily have to come to the Major League, but I think they should also have a sense of crisis in the KBO League. Leaders should think about why there is no good power heater coming out and think about it.