ESG Management of Korea Water Resources Corporation, Game Changer in the New Normal Era

Pandemic and climate change are rapidly changing our lives. One of the biggest changes is that it is transforming into a society that pursues meaning and value rather than material gain.

Recently, 쏮eaning Out and 쏥reensumer, which are often mentioned, have become new trends, and companies are focusing their efforts on brand marketing to convey value.

Then, what is the key to this? It seems difficult to rebel against 쁄SG management. ESG management refers to a management strategy in which a company values non-financial factors such as environment, social, and governance to secure sustainability. Amid the deepening of abnormal climate and economic polarization around the world, consensus on the importance of ESG has been growing day by day since the pandemic.

Korea Water Resources Corporation announced ESG management in March last year and is preparing for a new era.

First of all, in November last year, it declared its participation in climate crisis management and RE100 for the first time as a public company, leading the transition to a carbon-neutral society as the No. 1 renewable energy company. It is taking the lead in creating a safe Korea even in the climate crisis by promoting ecological restoration projects centered on natural recovery, protecting the people from water disasters such as floods and droughts, and building an urban model that can increase hydrophilicity. In addition, it contributes to the promotion of national water welfare through the reuse of sewage and wastewater, and practices the happiness of dividing it into water.

Efforts are also being made to achieve a fair and win-win society. Using the water usage monitoring system, it is strengthening the system for a win-win society by providing social safety net services to the vulnerable and creating funds to support the growth of promising startups in the water industry. In addition, by establishing an environmental big data platform, it is increasing the convenience of using environmental data, listening to public ideas through the public participation platform 쏡anBiTokTok, and using it to develop public empathy policies and services.혻In addition, it is taking the lead in communication and cooperation, such as the Basin Win-Win Cooperation Committee and the Community Participation Dam Flood Management Communication Conference. All of them are ESG management strategies of the Korea Water Resources Corporation to strengthen the public-centered society and publicity. In order to internalize ESG, it is also planning to complete the plan to settle ESG management within the board of directors by the end of this year.

GRIT means 쁯ersistence with passion and tenacity. It is a common feature for

successful people. However, isn셳 it a necessary feature for companies now? Only companies that steadily and sincerely practice ESG management, which has emerged as a game changer in the New Normal era, will eventually survive. And we promise that the Korea Water Resources Corporation will continue to be with us on the road to leading ESG management in Korea.


Nam Deok-hyun
media promotion director of the Korea Water Resources Corporation
Director of the Korea ESG Association