Life in Korea these days


(Source from Reuters/Alamy)

Overseas travel after COVID-19 in Korea is estimated to be about 1/3 million people in 2023.
Compared to G7 countries, which are large economies, the growth rate is enormous.

Korea is a peninsula country that has a great environment, with a large city surrounding mountains and seas. It boasts a view as much as Europe, the Han River, centered on Seoul. At the center, high-rise apartments are comparable to real estate prices in Manhattan, New York. Koreans are really hardworking and diligent, and they are a country with 80 million people in total. However, the quality of life seems to be significantly less satisfactory even though it is a country with so much convenience. As a result, luxury shopping is so active that you have to line up at department stores, and the poor are paying keen attention to beauty plastic surgery, or appearance. Around Daedo-ro, Gangnam, you can see the sign of Beauty Plastic Surgery in any building.KakaoTalk_20230512_163651007

<Baedal Minjok(left), Coupang Eats>

The entire high-rise building with more than 10 stories is lined with beauty molding buildings. Appearanceism, overseas travel, the Internet, and social life seem to be interested.Korea is a platform powerhouse where you can receive your orders the next morning or afternoon if you order them today. However, platform application companies have a consumer burden ratio of almost $5 or more, perhaps due to their huge share of (coupang, Baemin, and carrots), which makes delivery vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles dangerous to pursue signal systems or speed while driving.Twa large plastic surgery clinic billboards cover the wall at the subway station of Sinsa, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

(Source from Reuters/Alamy)

There seems to be too many risks behind convenience. And outer ring roads, tunnels, and subways that cannot be seen anywhere in the world are spread out and connected throughout the big city. However, more premium cars (bents, bmw, Audi, Land Rover, Porsche, etc.) are seen on the road than domestic Hyundai-Kia cars. Koreans and Koreans, who are showing a variety of aspects of life, what is the satisfaction level of the quality of life that makes them feel stable.