How did the new girl group FIFTY FIFTY stand out on the global stage?


[photo: ATTRACT]

The four-member new girl group Fifty Fifty is showing rapid growth on the global stage. On the Billboard singles chart on April 1, Fifty’s “Cupid” entered the top 100. On April 8, it ranked 94th. Fifty Fifty’s debut date is November 18, 2022. It is a miracle that it has been only four months since its debut. Billboard’s “Hot 100″ is not a local chart. It took six months to break Newzins’ previous record and write a new history. In addition, it is predicted that it could continue to rise on the Billboard Hot 100. Not only that. In Spotify dated April 6, 2023, Fifty Fifty ranked 15th globally for daily top songs, featuring K-pop artists such as 14th place Jisoo and 16th place Jimin. It was also ranked 19th in the third week of the weekly top song. In addition, “Cupid” by Fifty Fifty also ranked 61st on the UK official chart. The fact that it rose to 61st place on the UK’s official single chart TOP100, which is famous for being conservative, can be said that the artist and song were connected worldwide. Idols going to the global stage in Korea are led by large planning and production companies such as SM, YG, JYP, and Hive. The production of Fifty Fifty is Attract (CEO Jeon Hong-joon), a very small company. Attract is a new corporation affiliated with only the girl group Fifty Fifty. However, Jeon Hong-joon, who has long experience in producing various music since World Music in the past, overcame the disadvantages of small and medium-sized agencies and focused only on good music. Four of the more than 300 songs were selected, including “Tell Me,” “Lovin’ Me,” “Higher,” and “Login,” and included in the debut album “The Fifty.” Among them, Swedish composer Adam von Mencher, who composed “Lovin’ me,” even composed “Cupid,” which resulted in a global response. He developed the music by discussing with the members such as Kina, Saena, Shio, and Aran for several hours every day. ‘Cupid’ has also begun to appear in videos of short-form platform TikTokers. As a result, Grammy was nominated as a notable K-pop girl group. The expectation that Fifty Fifty could run for a long time on Billboard in the future is based on that. Currently, Fifty Fifty continues to appear in New York Times Square and LA’s large outdoor advertisements as YouTube shorts content. Even with this achievement, I am proud as a new girl group. I don’t think they’re going to be stars. Sio and Aran’s main vocals are stable, but they save all four, including Saena and Kina and rap and vocals. When you listen to the song while watching the music video of “Cupid,” the fatigue escapes and adds freshness to the spot. Fifty Fifty is creating their own color with the variety of four people. They are studying not only Korean seniors and juniors, but also the music of Anglo-American pop artists such as Doja Cat, Sam Smith, and Troy Sivan.

Doug Hwang
Staff Writer