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Just as a person returns to a handful of soil, a new movement in the beauty industry has been captured that allows cosmetics to return to nature. It has started to apply biodegradable plastic PLA and PHA materials to cosmetics. PLA is a plastic made from lactic acid from corn and sugarcane that is biodegradable in high temperature and humidity environments. PHA is the biodegradable plastic that has evolved one step further. It is a material that utilizes the fermentation material of microorganisms that ate canola oil, a plant-derived oil, and is also decomposed in the sea. In the case of PHA, the manufacturing process is difficult, the production speed is slow, and the price is high, so it has not yet become popular.KakaoTalk_20230508_165954145_01

However, as the plastic problem becomes more serious around the world, companies such as CJ CheilJedang are focusing on developing PHA in Korea. Sooner or later, the beauty industry will be able to easily meet biodegradable plastic casesVegan products were always followed by question marks. In the case of certain colors and raw materials, color diversity was inevitably insufficient because they could only be extracted from animal ingredients, and the application was also regrettable when animal oils were excluded. However, recently, vegan brands have been trying to improve the quality of vegan makeup.KakaoTalk_20230508_165954145_02

It is making vegan ingredients that replace kamine pigments or animal wax extracted from softworms, and these efforts have led to a sense of use that is comparable to non-vegan makeup products without the title of vegan. It also clearly shows what vegan makeup is, which is vegan but has a variety of color lineups and soft textures. Now I can enjoy vegan makeup not only for animals but also for me. Skin Watchers has been a cosmetics manufacturing and development company for 15 years, pursuing the most creative stability in the proportion of raw materials, rather than marketing costs, and investing raw materials rather than products, reviews, or models to cleanse, moisturize, and regenerate nutrition.
These results are expected to be exported to 40 Australian stores in some European and Asian countries. It was selected as one of the top five cosmetics in the European Elle magazine in the 2000s as a brand without marketing at all, and now it is planning marketing for the consumers public and trying to reach out to consumers




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