A Guide to New Immunity in 2023

스크린샷 2023-06-05 163825

Guard Up! in 2023, which I will introduce today, is a product that has invested development costs that cannot be determined without being a real product developer. In this way, the first product with six complex functional configurations was born in Korea. With the rediscovery of minerals that were used indiscriminately and the method of capsules, which are capsules that no one can follow based on more reliable functional materials, 2023 Guard Up! This is the background of ambitiously equipped with six types of functions. There are about 20 to 50 billion immune cells in every corner of our body. Such immune cells should actively move and play a role in eating and fighting external invaders, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and abnormal cells that attack our bodies. In such a body structure, NK cells dedicated to immune monitoring devices (betaglucan), which are well known for innate immunity and immunity to be filled (cellenium, vitamin D, zinc, manganese), actively eliminating the accumulation of bad viruses. It is equipped with six types of immune functions that are bound to be good for real immunity, rather than simply saying that it is good for improving immunity in advertisements. In addition, essential amino acids and minerals such as ultra-protein, copper, silk peptide, and chromium are installed to enable step-by-step management to strengthen immunity, and in urgent situations, it can be increased and taken.It is a product made as an immune substitute to the point where I advise you to increase the amount.  Immunity can’t get better or worse overnight. Therefore, isn’t it the right way to take it daily and reflect the highest level that health functional foods can give to your constantly changing physical condition?  It’s not a product that only shows the main product depending on the issue, but it’s a Guard Up where the immune system is alive! It is preparing to launch to establish itself as a necessity for modern people that must always be managed.



Beauty and Health Coordinator