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It can be said that the standard of beauty care is accompanied by basic knowledge of one’s skin and cosmetics used. No matter how good the ingredients and expensive the cosmetics are, it determines when and how the products are used, which is good and bad for the skinYou’ve been advised to buy mildly acidic products when you search for or shop for skincare products at least once. In particular, the importance of weak acidity, such as weak acid cleansers and soap, has become the subject of various media, and many people are interested in weak acid products. Then, why should we use slightly acidic skincare?To solve these questions, we would like to provide accurate information on the pH of the skin and the importance of mildly acidic skin care. Find out what the pH index is and why you should use a weakly acidic product below. What is the pH?’PH’ stands for ‘Potential of Hydrogen’ and is an index of the acidity or alkalinity of water or solution. The pH index is expressed as a number in the range 0-14, and based on a neutral pH of 7, less than 7 is considered acidic and more than 7 is considered alkaline. For example, lemon juice has a pH of 2, which is strongly acidic, and ammonia has a pH of 12, which is very alkaline (or basic.At first glance, the difference as small as pH 1 may seem, but it should be noted that the pH level is algebraic, not linear. This means that pH3 is 10=100100 times more powerful than pH5. What is the pH of the skin?The skin surface and top layer are naturally acidic. Studies show that people have a wide range of skin pH ranges, but on average, skin pH is around 4.7. The pH index for the healthiest skin is between 4.7 and 5.5.The funny thing is that male skin tends to be more acidic than female skin. Numerous studies have generally pointed out that the average pH of male skin is lower than that of female skin.In fact, we are born with neutral skin that is close to pH 7. But within a few weeks of birth, our skin turns acidic, protecting our skin from various external stimuli. As we age every year, our skin’s pH gets higher, but it never goes beyond the range of acidity. Do you know the “acid barrier” that maintains the pH of the skin?The surface of our skin is covered with Acid Mantle.KakaoTalk_20230601_175026713_01

The skin’s acidic protective membrane consists of ingredients that are naturally present on the skin, such as ceramide, cholesterol, fatty acids, sweat, and oil. And this acid barrier determines the pH of our skin.A healthy protective film with pH between 4.7 and 5.5 plays an important role in protecting the skin’s surface and lower layer from multiple external attacks. It keeps your skin healthy from bacteria, fungi, viruses, and environmental pollution and keeps your skin soft and elastic.It also serves to balance the microbiome (microbial community) of the skin, suppressing the reproduction of harmful bacteria and helping good bacteria flourish.How does pH affect the skin? If there is a change in the pH of the skin, the skin balance will collapse, resulting in various problems on the skin. Using a strong acidic product with a pH of about 2 or a strong alkaline product with a pH of 10 causes the skin to become unstable.If the pH balance of the skin is shaken, it causes many skin problems such as dryness, dry skin (moisture-deficient oily skin), and acne. Also, the bacteria that are harmful to the skin will thrive faster, breaking the microbiome balance.That’s why “Skinwatchers” consistently insist on not using solid soap. Most solid types of soap (or cleansing bars) are alkaline and can cause skin problems or worsen skin concerns.So we have to use mildly acidic skincare, but unfortunately, all skincare products do not have a pH index, so it can be difficult to determine which products are mildly acidic. But you don’t have to worry about most wash-off or skincare products that you apply because they are made with a weak acidity. Cosmetics researchers are basically well aware of the effects of pH on skin care products. Of course, there may be skin care products outside the pH range that are beneficial to the skin. However, products that are out of pH range to a weak level (for example, AHA or BHA exfoliators with pH of about 3.6 or physical sunscreen with pH of 7.5) do not cause major skin problems even if used temporarily. It’s usually because you can get your normal pH level back in less than an hour.Strongly acidic (pH2.5 or lower) or alkaline (pH8 or higher) products take longer for the skin to return to its normal pH range and may cause gradual damage to the skin when used daily. If a particular product makes your skin very dry or if you get a reaction from your skin, such as redness after use, it may not match your skin’s of your skin. This is because mildly acidic products are usually mild to the skin and are hypoallergenic.Most Effective Cosmetics pH (SKINWATCHERS) The following is a general pH range for the main categories of skincare products. Skin care products within the pH range below can act mildly without irritation to the skin and make healthy skin.Cleanser: pH 4.5 – 7 / Toner: pH 5 – 7 / Suncream: pH 5 – 7.5 AHA & BHA exfoliator: pH 3.2 – 3.9′/moisturizer: pH 5 – 7/ Serum: pH 4 – 6/Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)-containing product: pH 2.6 – 3.2/retinol-containing product: pH 4 – 6.6
All products from SKIN WATCHERS are manufactured at pH, which provides the best effect on the skin. From the development and manufacturing stage, various research results are cited for products that are truly effective for the skin, and only ingredients that have been proven to be effective are blended.Can I use (layering) skincare products with different pH levels together?For example, you are frequently asked if you can apply moisturizer directly on top of the AHA exfoliator. I’m worried that different pH levels will collide and it won’t be effective. Some people say they wait 20 minutes before applying the next skincare product, but in fact they don’t need to!This is because once the pH range of a water-based product is set, the pH level within that range is maintained even if the product outside that pH range is applied at the same time. Because the ingredients that chemists use to maintain the pH range of the product are strong enough to keep the pH level within a certain range of whatever product you apply at the same time.Under normal conditions of use, it is chemically impossible for a product with a higher pH to invalidate a product with a lower pH, and vice versa, so you don’t have to worry. Based on this, we have produced products for 20 years and used basic materials importantly for each product. The main ingredients are tea tree to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin, and snail raw materials for moisturizing and elasticity, and cleansing oil, cream type, and powder soap type are focused on cleansing.Already, the product has been ranked in the top 5 consumer selections for exports to Europe, proving that the repurchase rate is more than 95%.




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