Korea’s beauty industry market is sensitive to trends, and new trends are gaining popularity in 2023.


Keywords such as minimal skincare and eco-friendly beauty are mentioned as trends in the Korean skincare market. With the recent expansion of the concept of eco-friendly consumption, it is gradually simplifying and using steps other than various existing skincare steps. In addition, as global economic difficulties arise due to COVID-19 and the Russian War, minimalism is showing a further expansion trend due to reduced consumption. In Korea, when using skincare products, the routine was to apply skin (toner), essence, ampoule, lotion, moisture cream, or nutritional cream, and to apply a dedicated eye cream in the middle, and people used it. These days, this step is often boldly omitted. However, there are people who habitually apply more than four steps due to moisturizing problems, and beauty companies also use fewer skincare products, but they make and sell products using eco-friendly and absorbent ingredients and formulas. In the Korean beauty market, the word eco-friendly is becoming important. Recently, as various environmental problems have become a big issue around the world, it is better to use cosmetics that are used every day that are not environmentally burdensome, and chemical ingredients prefer eco-friendly products because they may have side effects when accumulated in the human body.혻 In recent years, interest in ingredients has become the focus of attention on important marketing factors and consumers in Korea. In the past, if the performance is good, it was just used, but now performance is important, but more and more consumers are checking what ingredients make up cosmetics. In particular, interest in products using natural ingredients has increased, and in particular, various keywords such as gluten-free, vegan, and additive-free are emphasized, and products using natural ingredients instead of chemical ingredients have become a trend. In addition, it is now difficult to satisfy consumers by emphasizing simple functions or promoting them only with brand names. Instead, emotional elements and storytelling are becoming more and more important. Brands that deliver stories that consumers can sympathize with in various aspects, such as raw materials, manufacturing processes, and brand stories, are gaining popularity. Recently, more and more companies are conducting such marketing to gain popularity and create a brand’s fan base. In addition, skin care products are expected to be released in a more convenient form.Zero waste bathroom accessories, reusable glass container, some citrus fruits around. Top view, layout.

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For example, it is expected that there will be more convenient products such as disposable packs, pen types, or trouble-care shots. These products are a good option for consumers because they can be easily used in busy daily lives, so more and more consumers are purchasing even if the price is a little high. In addition, as described above, more people value ingredients, more people buy cosmetics online, and more people use websites or apps that can check reviews of cosmetics ingredients and users because products from various new brands are more quickly and easily accessible online.혻 Other trends include healing beauty and clean beauty. Consumers are looking for products that can heal their bodies and minds at the same time while using cosmetics. Clean beauty refers to a product that excludes chemical components as much as possible, and consumers want a product that does not have side effects on the skin. In particular, products that exclude harmful ingredients such as parabens, artificial pigments, and artificial perfumes from the product and use alternative natural ingredients are gaining popularity, while healing beauty refers to products that can heal not only the skin but also the mind and body. For example, various products such as aroma products that reduce stress and lighting and music used with skincare are being released.혻 In addition, healing beauty is related to changes in consumers’ lifestyles. Consumers tend to seek healing and stability due to regular schedules and constant stress, and the healing beauty market is expected to expand further accordingly.혻 Customized cosmetics are also a trend.혻 Customized cosmetics and products tailored to skin types are gaining popularity.. Previously, popular products were popular, but products that reflect personal factors are attracting attention. Smart devices and services related to skin beauty are gaining popularity in the beauty market.Products using smart skin care devices and applications are already being released worldwide, and these technologies will be further developed. In addition, services that diagnose skin conditions and provide information on skin care will be further developed, people believe. Although they want to take care of their skin more systematically, devices that help them take care of themselves when they have time are gaining popularity as they feel confident about going to dermatologists or care shops as they continue their daily lives.혻 The Korean beauty market, which gets the most popular trend, will continue to develop in the direction that consumers want.

Sophia Kim