An ice cream developed by a Japanese dessert company has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s most expensive ice cream.” The price is 873,400 yen for 130 grams.

According to Guinness World Records on the 23rd (local time), this luxury ice cream is a white truffle ice cream released by Japanese luxury ice cream brand Cellato. Truffles are called 쐂iamonds in the ground and are known as the world셲 top three delicacies.


The ice cream셲 product name is 쏝akuya, which means white night, a phenomenon that does not get dark at night because the sun does not set in high-altitude areas such as the Arctic. It is estimated that this product has such a pure white color. The ice cream contains the finest white truffle from Alba, Italy, worth 2 million yen per kilogram. In addition, two types of high-quality cheese and sake (the leftover from skipping table wine) were generously added. In addition, at the top of the Hwaryong Peak, white truffle and parmesan cheese were ground to express white snow, and it was finished with edible gold powder.
White truffle (white truffle) ice cream worth 873,400 yen for 130 grams released by Japanese luxury ice cream brand Serato was listed in the Guinness Book of Records on the 23rd (local time) as the 쐗orld셲 most expensive ice cream. Newsis
The 쏝akuya made in this way is said to be excellent in both taste and flavor. According to Guinness, the deep and strong scent of white truffles fills the mouth and nose, and at the same time adds the fruity scent of Parmigiano Regiano cheese.

As a finishing touch, a unique liquor crab will decorate the finale. Cerato said, 쏧t took more than a year and a half to make the right taste through trial and error, adding, 쏷he achievement of the world record shows that our efforts were worth it. In the future, Serato plans to release more powerful products by combining ingredients such as champagne and caviar (sturgeon셲 eggs).





KS Choi