As the Japanese music industry was found to have suffered sexual damage, the National Assembly is discussing the revision of the law.

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Past trainees who have been in a stand-alone position for more than half a century as a male idol group production company in Japan have been exposed.

From the past, testimony about sexual damage has continued to emergeIn 1988, a book called “To Genji Hikaru” was released, making it the first revelation of Johnny’s office’s annoyance.

The book said that he first had sex with Johnny Kitagawa (Johnny’s founder) at the age of 15.

After that, there were several revelations, but it did not become a fire.This is because rape against men was not established by law in Japan until 2017.

All of these factors combined to form a social atmosphere in which sexual exploitation of men and boys is not simply taboo but invisible at all.

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Akimasa Nihonki, Kauan Okamoto and Yasushi Hashida, former Johnny’s junior who recently accused Johnny Kitagawa of sexual damage, appealed for the establishment of a revision to the Child Abuse Prevention Act submitted to the National Assembly.

Akimasa Nihonki, who attended the hearing, testified. At the age of 13, Johnny Kitagawa testified that he had suffered more than 10 sexual injuries, and Akimasa Nihonki said he was confused about his work at the time.

I could understand to some extent what happened to the body, but I couldn’t keep up with it and left the office before I turned 15.

However, the sexual damage suffered became a trauma and suffered for a long time.

When I met a man at a similar age, height, and appearance to Johnny Kitagawa, who was the perpetrator, I was very scared, for example, when I got a job and worked with my bosses for work, I was in my 50s and 60s, and I couldn’t treat them normally. In the end, he said he had no choice but to quit his job, and replied that he could hardly tell others what had happened to his body.

In addition, many people said that they went to the victims the day after the sexual assault and gave them 10,000 yen, and that they thought it was a concept of prostitution, not just rape.  And in the case of sexual damage at such a young age, likeAkimasa Nihonki, it is judged that the law revision is more urgent because the trauma remains stronger than when he was damaged as an adult. In addition, what has become a hot topic in Japan is that until recently, it was determined that Japan’s rape and sex crimes can be sexually made from the age of 13 or older and that one can make one’s own decisions.

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Recently, the case of Johnny Kitagawa, the founder of the Johnny’s office, has become a hot topic, and the age of teaching sex education in Japan is also becoming a problem This is because if elementary schools in Japan do not provide sex education, they start receiving it from middle school. It is said that it does not make sense for uneducated children to be able to judge their sexual behavior, and the bigger problem with the entertainment industry’s male idol’s annoying case is that they inflicted harm without consent on underage children.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan’s amendment to the Child Abuse Prevention Act, which was submitted to the National Assembly, requires the police to report allegations of abuse by a third party using status.

Regarding the amendment, Mr. Nihonki said, “If there was such a law, the damage would not have been expanded, and I was done without being harmed.” The opposition party attended a hearing on sexual damage and child abuse held from 4 p.m. on the 31st of last month, and The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan submitted an amendment based on what it heard on the day.

The amendment to the Child Abuse Prevention Act obliges the police to report to anyone who finds abuse by a third party using their status, but the ruling party said, “It was suspended because it was judged that the current law was not able to respond.”

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Yasushi Hashida, 37, Kauan Okamoto, 27, and Akimasa Nihonki, 39, visited the National Assembly on the 5th of this month and submitted 3,326 signatures to six ruling and opposition parties, including the Liberal Democratic Party and The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also spoke once again at the National Assembly about the seriousness of sex crimes against these children.

The Janice office is also making changes.It was announced on June 13 that a recurrence prevention team of outside experts was created to prevent this from happening again. It is not just a nuisance case, but it is time to take this opportunity to change the people involved in the entertainment industry as well.