The snack maker stopped selling its products after a 14-year-old boy who challenged the challenge of eating spicy snacks in the U.S. died.

According to AP on the 10th, Paqui, a manufacturer of One-Pip, asked a retailer to stop selling its products on the 8th.
“It says on the label that people who can’t eat spicy food or children shouldn’t eat snacks,” Pacqui said in a statement on its official website the previous day. “But we decided to work with retailers to take them off the shelves.”According to the news agency, the product package contains warnings such as “This challenge targets adults, not people who are sensitive to spicy food or have underlying diseases,” and “eat snacks and don’t drink any drinks for as long as possible and post them on social media to see people’s reactions.”Earlier, according to the Daily Mail in the UK, Harris Willova (14) from Worcester, Massachusetts, died after complaining of abdominal pain after participating in the One-Tap Challenge on the 3rd.

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The exact cause of death is not yet known, but Willova’s mother claimed her son died of complications from spicy snacks. In response, local media reported that Pacqui stopped selling it as a memorial, saying, “I feel deep sadness and express my condolences to my family.”Dr. Peter Tsai of Brigham Women’s Hospital said, “Eating snacks containing high concentrations of capsaicin can lead to death. Eating a lot can cause arrhythmia or irreversible heart damage.”Massachusetts authorities also warned students and parents of the dangers of the One-Pip Challenge.”Parents should talk about this with their children and stop them from participating in the challenge,” Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early saidThe snack, officially called “Pacqui Chips,” uses reaper peppers and naga viper peppers, known as the world’s hottest peppers, as ingredients. In particular, the “Scoville Index,” which shows the degree of spiciness, reaches 2.2 million. Cheongyang red pepper in Korea is between 4,000 and 10,000.The One-Pip Challenge is an event that lasts without drinking any drinks for a certain period of time after eating this Pacqui chips.